DraganV has taught more than 500 live seminars since 1987 and loves the direct interaction with seminar participants

Subjects for Top Mental Training live seminars include:

Increased Sales Performance

Goal Achievement

Sports Performance

Corporate Management

Marital Harmony/Challenges

Health Improvement

Relationship Development

Self Esteem

Communication Skills

Stress Elimination

Accelerated Learning

Among others, DraganV has taught the following live seminars of his own:

How to Neutralize Stress

Victorious Mind

Business Intensive Program

Love Mind

Brain Team

Time Is My Friend

Wealth Is Your Natural Right

Harmonious Relationships-Nucleus of Healthy and Successful Life

Effective Communication-Key Skill in the Informational Age

Change Your Habits and You Will Change Your Life

Make Health Your Choice

How to Achieve Your Optimum Weight

Continuous System Leads to Success

How to Build a Healthy Self Esteem

Wisdom is Applied Knowledge

Top Mental Training is concentrated on greater usage of the brain and can therefore cover a wide array of subjects.

It provides the participant with a system of effective mental techniques and tools.

Any person who knows that we actively use only a portion of our brain capacity, also knows that they can improve any area of their life by greater brain usage.

DraganV himself has created more than 60 educational programs in the area of mental training.

If you are capable and want to organize a live seminar with DraganV in your city/area, please contact us at:


  • Love Mind
  • Learn How to Learn
  • Victorious Mind
  • Brain Team
  • Time is My Friend
  • Harmonious Relationships-Nucleus of Healthy and Successful Life
  • Effective Communication- Key Skill in the Informational Age
  • Wealth is Your Natural Right
  • Change Your Habits and You Will Change Your Life
  • Make Health Your Choice
  • How to Achieve Your Optimum Weight
  • How to Build a Healthy Self Esteem
  • Continuous System leads to Success
  • Wisdom is Applied Knowledge
  • How to Neutralize Stress

among many others

Terrence Ellifritz

I have known Dragan Vujovic since 2002 or nearly 15 years. Dragan taught me stress reduction techniques that I can suggest without a doubt, saved or at least extended my life a significant number of years.

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. And stress is a major contributor to this disease.  Perhaps of equal importance, is Dragan’s ability to provide positivity in some of the more dire circumstances and truly is what makes him so special. And, his ability to extend the most appropriate tools to maintain that positivity separates him from many of the world’s leading mental trainers.

To be able to retain and re-apply Dragan’s techniques on demand, and in the now moment has helped me realize many goals. I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone struggling with self-limiting habits, high stress levels and low self-esteem, the investment of a small amount of personal time and get to know Dragan and his wonderful mental training techniques.

Terrence Ellifritz CEO Ellifritz & Associates LLC, Strategic Marketing Services
Mark Ninyo

I started a 2 week private course with Dragan as an anxious, negative, and lonely guy with very low self-esteem. The problem I was focused on was that I struggled with relationships and interacting with women I was attracted to.

He taught me his mental techniques/tools that totally changed my outlook and perception of my life and led me to take responsibility and gain control over it. He went above and beyond and took me around the beautiful city of Prague, as I had traveled there by myself, and also Skyped me when I got back to Chicago to check in and see how things were going.

Just two months after the course, I met the love of my life, and we recently got engaged! Taking this course was truly the best decision I have ever made and I will be forever grateful to Dragan!

Mark Ninyo Chicago, USA